• BIOLIS 30i

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Automated multi-functional biochemical analyzerBIOLIS 30i

Space-saving compact benchtop design
With auomated pretreatment function for HbA1c.


Setting EnvionmentSpecifications Considered to design the operation routeFeaturesThe History of BIOLIS series


Compact, Easy to use, and Enhanced function

We have been done R&D not only efficient clinical testing operation but also accuracy for 20 years.
Our technology provides the value and contributes to the patients.

The History of BIOLIS series

01Setting Envionment

Compact and Space-saving

It will be installed as long as the (W) 80 cm x (D) 67 cm area. This is a separated type, BIOLIS and the operation monitor, and set it as you like wituout any special electronic-works and water-works.

02Specifications Considered to design the operation route.

1Illuminant Lamp

Easy to change it.

2Reaction tray

Set 60 reaction cuvette with direct heating method.

3Washing function of reaction cuvette

Wash the rection cell before/after testing with washing solution and vaccum the water.

4Sample probe

Loaded the clotting detecting function of absorbing and washing.

5ISE sample injecting port

Integrated device and space-saving.

6ISE unit

As the ISE unit is indipendent from biochemistry unit, keep the reaction in the capacity.
(* ISE unit is an option.)

7Sample tray

Up to 30 samples at one time and using blood-collecting vessel, blood glucose and sample cup.

8Reagent probe

To avoid contamination, probes exclusively for 1st and 2nd reagent use.

9Reagent tray

2 types of tray capacity, 36 and 24 reagents respectively with a cooling system.



270 tests per hour, 450 tests per hour with ISE at the calorimetric measuring unit. 90 tests per hour for HbA1c only.

Sample Type

Serum, plasma and urine

Simultaneous Capacity

36 or 24 reagents of calorimetric testing at one time. It is possible to select what your need.

Clogging Detection System

BIOLIS monitors the change of absorbing/washing pressure of samples. If clogging is detected, flushing will start automatically. This will not interrupt the sample testing.

Probe Collision Detector

With the function of detecting the impact when placing of the samples or the reagents probes. If it not aligned, the placement will stop.

Barcode reader

All samples and reagents are with barcodes to avoid mistakes.

Plastic Reaction Cuvette

We have improved the reaction cell again and again. The cuvette is a plastic semi disposable with water-repellent treatment.

Air Pressure Mixing System

We developed a special cuvette for air pressure mixing. No stirring bar, less carry-over and water consumption. Also, reaction solution is not diluted by carried-over washing solution. To suppress the reduction in the capacity accompanying washing of contamination.

Automated Pretreatment Function for HbA1c

We developed an automation system for absorbing whole blood and hematolysis from a bottom of blood vessel. It is available for serial testing of calorimetoric, ISE and HbA1c.

Designed of Unity for Interface and touch panel monitor

Everyone who can operate the side menu at the left side on the screen. Easy to operate because this is a touch screen.

You can check each cycle information at the reaction information page in real time and confirm a list of receiving time and result output time at testing request information page.

Automatic startup and shutdown

Once set each days and each time, the device is started and shutdown automatically. Then, you set a calibraton/control sample only the device is set-up in advance. Also, a maintenance is done the timing that after set-up and before shutdown. Therefore, we support you efficient operation.

Automated-Dilution Function

It does not take a time for re-testing because dilution and dilute solution are automated.

Quality Control

It is easy to confirm the testing phase from receiving to checking on the screen. Once register a measuring items in advance before receiving, do not need register again. Also, check the result of QC on the screen. If it is not in the range, the score is highlighted. We provide you an easy daily control with minimum labor.

Water Consumption

A small-size pure water unit is just enough to install BIOLIS and pure water consumption is maximum 3.8 L/h. Even if you cannnot prepare an area for the pure water unit, it will be fine as long as you have the (W) 80 cm×(D) 67 cm space.

Voice Guidance

Inform completing preparation of testing, finishing sampling, finishing testing and errors by voice guidance.



  • Launched TMS-1024


  • Launched BiOLiS 24i


  • Approved CE marking and UL standard


  • More than 1,000 unis installation all over the world.


  • More than 3,000 unis installation all over the world.


  • Launched BiOLiS 24i Premium
  • Launched BiOLiS 12i


  • Launched BiOLiS 50i Superior
  • More than 5,000 unis installation all over the world.
  • Launched BiOLiS 15i NEO


  • Approved ISO13485
    Medical devices — Quality management systems —


  • Launched BIOLIS 30i
  • Launched BIOLIS 50i


  • BIOLIS series are installed more than 7,800 units all over the world from 1999.
    Installed 7,872 units as of October, 2020.

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